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10 months gone, I'm doing okay

Met with my knitting group again this weekend. I was able to meet more of the group members. There was a lot more variety in the projects this time. I'm really glad that I've met these people. They are lots of fun and are encouraging me knit. That's led to my knitting getting much better. I've finished the knit piece of the next bear on my list and am half way through the fourth. The one I just finished was mauve. I hate the color mauve, but it is the recipient's favorite color and was specifically requested. I did my best to not screw up on that on, but I made the exact same mistake that I've made on every other one: I knitted two extra rows into the second set of arms. Oops.

I also seem to have returned to my granny square hobby. I have the Leisure Arts 99 Granny Squares to Crochet and am slowly but surely making my way through the book as I made another one Sunday night.

I missed Halloween yesterday as I had class. The classroom was practically unheated. By two hours into my four-hour class, I was wrapped up in my coat. The class is primarily review for me, but I've got to pick a research topic and write a paper on Software Design. I want to get that done before this weekend as I've already got the weekend booked (Family Game Night on Saturday and Friends Game/Hobby Night on Sunday).

According to my vet, my 5 month old kitten, Spook, is the size and weight of a healthy 7 month old kitten. (He's definitely the skinniest of my cats and none of them are overweight.) The vet says he's on track to be a very big cat. What's funny about that is that Boo, the 3.5 month old eats twice what Spook eats. She is right on track for size/weight.
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