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Okay that's just odd

One of the CD change buttons on my study stereo is bashed in. The area around it is scratched up, but the scratches look like they were made with a coin or other blunt object. However, it wasn't like this last night, so the only culprits are the cats but I can't figure out how they did it. Nothing else in the area was disturbed. I'm not overly bothered by the loss of the button. A previous cat used to sit on top of the stereo and overtime the CD player broke from the weight and I don't play CDs as they are far more work than listening to the radio.

After my break from the bears while I was playing with increasing/decreasing and coasters, I finally started the next bear this afternoon. I uploaded a picture of the coaster whose pattern I listed yesterday. I also crocheted a four corners coaster. I don't know if this type of pattern has a real name. I like it more now that it's done than I did while making it.
Tags: cats, crochet, knitting

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