Brie (brieza) wrote,

More work issues

The project that was to end Friday, now ends Thursday. With a twist. Instead of adding one important but fairly easy coding-wise piece of functionality I have to add that functionality plus a much more complicated user interface dialog box. The old version of this dialog box had the user enter free from 21 pieces of data for a computation. This version is over 30. Several of these are latitude/longitude values, others are angles and still others have other format and range restrictions as well. The amount of input checking required just to make the program not puke is simply insane. I can reuse a lot of the old error checking code, but with the ultra tight deadline, I worry about copy paste bugs.

To make things even better, no one knows what we'll be doing next week, so I've been doing the "Oh no, do I still have a job" panic dance. Most of our stuff ramps up in late September-early October. We'll be moving the office in late August, but that still leaves three weeks in which I'll need to something to do so that I can get a pay check and pay the mortgage.
Tags: work

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