Brie (brieza) wrote,

Knit group

I found a knit group a couple weeks ago and was actually able to join them yesterday. I had a blast. They are a bunch of people around my age and with very similiar senses of humor. Several of them were working on scarves - all of which were different and all that looked really cool. (Scarves are too big for me to work on - I need a project with a definite end and some variety.) I was working on another bear like the one in this entry. I'm doing a bunch of them for Christmas gifts. I'm going to knit all of the bodies pieces, but not assemble them yet. Then I plan to do the scarves for the bear. Some weekend in November, I'll sit down and assemble all the bears at once. I finished the brown bear that I was working on at knit group at 11:59 last night. That piece gets to join the orange one and today I'll at least cast on for the next one. My mom asked for a mauve one. I'm not really clear on what color mauve is, so I found a color called Victorian Rose. Sa says it is close enough.

At knit group yesterday, I kind of reaffirmed that I hold my yarn weird. I hold the yarn right by the needle without draping it over my hand at all. Phoebe showed me how she holds her yarn and I was nearly able to replicate that on a practice swatch later, but I could only knit with the yarn like that, could not purl at all. One of the other girls mentioned that since I know how to crochet, I should have a fairly easy time with carrying the yarn in my left hand. I couldn't remember how I hold my when I crochet, so I crocheted up a quick coaster. I do hold my crochet yarn close to the way Phoebe holds her knitting yarn. I'm not sure why I have so many issues holding my knitting yarn. (Though, Sa doesn't hold her yarn at all.)
Tags: crochet, knitting

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