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Things have been crazy the past couple weeks as I've finished up my main class, the class I took an IP in, dealt with work and then used my down time to relax.

School news: I've finished both of the summer classes with A's! I was totally expecting a low B in Project Management and was having panic attacks in fear that I would get a C. C's aren't passing at the grad level where I attend. If I don't pass, my work doesn't pay for the class and I can't afford to have the cost of the class pulled out of my paycheck ($230 for the next seven pay-periods). I can't even afford to buy books for the next class until I get the cost of summer books reimbursed on my paycheck this week. While I am working on a dual degree I'm determined to completely finish the first before really start the second. Of the two mandatory classes I have left, one is offered first session Fall quarter and the other in one of the Winter quarter sessions. The elective I had hoped to take for the dual degree is offered at the same time as my Fall class, so I've got to take a different elective. The one available is one that I had waived out. So it might require an additional class to get the dual degree. I'm going to shoot the dean an email tomorrow.

Work is in a frenzy right now. We are madly rushing to finish a project before Thursday. Now if only we knew what the project actually was.

Family game night was Saturday and at my house. I made chili for dinner without remembering that my brother doesn't eat it. I went through college with my friends calling me a super picky eater (mainly because I don't like Mexican, Americanized Mexican or cheese...but there are other places to eat), but honestly, I'm not. My brother is. His daughter is adorable as ever and getting more clever by the day. She's also willing to try nearly anything. (Though showed a marked preference for Ranch dip and would eat it off carrots and chips and ask for more. When she didn't want to eat the carrot or chip, she'd hide them. Couldn't get too mad, she's only a year and half old.) I finally got my parents to play a couple of games other than Pinochle. We played Quiddler and Set as well. I lost at Quiddler (came in fourth!), but mainly because I had two hands that consisted of consonants only. Most of my hands had me as the high scorer or second high. My mother didn't catch on to Set, and therefore did horrible. I won that...barely. The guys won Pinochle, but it was a very close game and both sides got over the winning score.

I learned how to knit just over a week ago. I made a cute little stuffed bear (he took forever since I'm a beginner. Lexy claimed the bear, though.). Sa, Sh and I spent the Saturday before game night knitting and crocheting and having a wonderful, relaxing Saturday. (I actually learned to knit on vacation 8 years ago, but never touched my knitting after that vacation. I've crocheted on and off for more than a decade. So, I acted as a teacher for Sa and Sh. Sh's tension on knitting is horrible and she ended up moving to a knitting loom like these: Knifty Knitter. She's made a couple hats in the past week on them already.

My bear:

Teddy and Boo

(I just picked up some random yarn to try a beginning project with and didn't intend to make a green and pink bear, though I've received a couple compliments on it. I am semi-color-blind, but I did know ahead of time that those weren't bear colors. To be honest, I wasn't sure I would even finish the project.)
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