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Kittens and grandmas

Spook is settling in nicely - just in time to be upheaved again. I have to attend a wedding on Saturday, so won't be home, but come Sunday, I'm adopting one of the kittens my friend Sa rescues. I will be adopting a little pure white girl named Boo. Apparently Sa went "Boo!" at the kittens one day to see what happened. Three scattered and the fourth just popped her head up in acknowledgement. So now she is called Boo. She'll go quite well with Spook. My guess is that Spook will take better to Spook than Wizard will due to the fact that Spook is still a relative newcomer. Spook is still a bit underweight, but that might be a side effect of his medicine for his upper respriatory infection. I do have him trained to take his medicine though. I sit him in the sink. Touch the top of his head and say, "Open your mouth" a couple of times. When he does I squirt the medicine in, praise and pet him and put him back at his food bowl. So much easier than putting him a towel.

School is going much better. I like my new class and I'm catching up on my last class. I'm halfway through my master's program, yeah! I'll be spending a lot of time this catching up, but I should be done soon.

My grandmother visited today. I saw her for the first time in five years. She used to be overly critical and I always came in last to my cousins (as a result of being born first and to the less favored of my grandmother's children). So I cleaned my house very well so there would be nothing to criticize. My house sparkles and she was impressed. She's getting older and realizing that things are not turning out the way that she dreamed they would. (I'm doing very well with my life, unfortunately my cousins and brothers have hit some big stumbling blocks, kind of embroiling my grandmother needing help to get out.) She's proud of me, so I've done well.
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