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Computer drama

My good computer was in the shop for 6 weeks due to a back-ordered motherboard. I fried the motherboard back in February and got it back near the end of March. Then I had to return it to the shop because it still didn't work right. Apparently I fried a disk drive, too. That took another two weeks to debug. I finally got my computer back in April. In the meantime I was using my old computer in which the motherboard battery is dying and screwing up the clock, causing it to run fast. So I was doing the mental arithmetic on the clock to tell time.

Between school and work, I did not have time to set up my computer again until last weekend, by which time the time arithmetic had become automatic. So looking at the clock now and seeing the time correct is a shock, especially since it seems to indicate that I've managed to get 1-2 hours worth of homework done in about 6 hours. Oi!
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