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Lost and Wandering
It's a String Thing #93 
20th-May-2015 10:13 pm
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The challenge this week for It's a String Thing #93 was to use TanglePatterns String 93 with the tangles 4MOM, Gottago, and JJ.

String 93 is all curvy lines (kind of reminds me of an elephant head actually). The tangles are mostly angular and gridded. Normally the string and tangles have something in common that gives me a starting point. This week I wasn't sure where to start. As two of the patterns were both gridded, I played around with scale, something I have a hard time doing. Gottago looks great on a small scale. I did, however, underestimate how many tiny little lines there were in it! :) 4MOM was the easiest to warp and therefore made a good top border. Individuals JJs look great strung in the open spaces left.

Super pleased with the final. I wasn't sure I would get something to come together that wasn't chaotic. (The less chaotic they are, the more relaxed I am on finishing them.)

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