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Working through One Zentangle a Day, Days #2-4

Last week was crazy weather here in Colorado. And it shows in the tangles I did.

Day 2 of One Zentangle A Day introduced Knightsbridge (the checkerboard), fescu (the little hairy pattern) and nekton (the cross-hatch). Nekton was a challenge, but I loved knightsbridge and fescu. This tile turned out a bit flat because I have so many lines that are so close together. I mixed those three patterns with previously used tipple, static, and crescent moon. I may have gone overboard on the tipple (leaving the centers of the side 'leaves' empty probably would have been very striking. I'm blaming the overuse of tipple on the overdose of hail that we got. (The day I tangled this, 4+ inches of hail fell in a 45 minute period. The weather was crazy!))
String: Crossed figure 8s
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Fescu, Knightsbridge, Nekton, Static, Tipple
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper

Day 3's string was a couple rain drops that I drew. Strings and tangles are supposed to be non representational, but using this as a meditative device, I've decided that rule can be bent if I need to work out some thoughts. And this entire Zentangle is really imagery of how I was feeling after six days of rain. (We've had more than double our May average precipitation so far this May, and we had that in about three days.) The tangles introduced on this day were hollibaugh (pattern that looks like pickup sticks), festune (looks like tires), and pokeroot (looks like mushrooms). I combined these new tangles with knightbridge, nekton, and fescu. And have an image where the sun is blotted out in the upper left, rain is falling on a pile of life preservers, and weeds and mushrooms are growing in the sodden ground.
String: Raindrop pair
Tangles: Fescu, Festune, Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge, Nekton, Pokeroot
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper

Day 4 has two images. The first one practices new tangles and the second is a shading exercise.

The new tangles for this day were Jonqual (a more 3D version of knightsbridge), Shattuck (strands woven together between posts), and Nipa (kind of bubbles rising through waves). The weather for Mother's Day (the day I did this Zentangle) changed from Thursday's hail and Friday's (and the rest of the week really) to snow, which affected my string again. This time it was a hexagon with opposite corners connected. I didn't actually mean to put knightsbridge in this tangle, but it was a more automatic motion for me than the jagged lines of jonqual. My attempts to morph into Jonqual were only successful in one try. Zentangle theoretically has no errors, but they said nothing about coloring over your attempts and patterning with white pen. :) So that's what I did with the other two. It looks slightly off that one is different, but I'm happy with the eventual effect. The gelly roll pen is picky about going over areas multiple times, so I filled in some spots with a white pastel pencil.

String: Hexagon with opposing corners connected
Tangles: Jonqual, Knightbridge, Nipa, Shattuck, Aura'd negative space.
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, Sakura Gelly roll pen, Derwent pastel pen, recycled 60# sketch paper

For the shading exercise, I picked Festure, Nipa, Pokeroot and Shattuck. This exercise had us draw a Zentangle with four patterns of our choosing, then chose the light source and shade accordingly. I had a fairly hard time actually picturing the effect of light and shadows with this one. The light is supposed to be coming from the upper left.
String: Cockeyed T
Tangles: Festure, Nipa, Pokeroot and Shattuck.
Materials: Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball pen, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper
Tags: art, ozad, zentangle

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