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Finally making some progress

I turned in the first of the five essays that I need to get in. I got 9.9 of 10 on it. The professor thinks that I did well, though I have a few grammar nitnoids and he hates the fact that I used "I feel" where "I think" would have been more appropriate. But I'll fix those issues as I go through the rest of the essays. I'm just happy I got that in.

I get my new cat on Saturday. I'm happy that I finally will get a new kitty. Things should be really interesting around here on the weekend. I'm not sure how Wizard will react to a new cat. I already had Buddy by the time I got Wizard, so Wizard was never top-cat. For the past six weeks he's been an only cat. I'm not quite sure if he will assert himself or let a kitten walk all over him. He was nearly Buddy's size when I got him and only got bigger. By the time Buddy died, Wizard was nearly 150% of Buddy's weight.

Happy Friday, all!
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