Brie (brieza) wrote,

I am the Diva's Weekly Challenge #216

This week's challenge from I am the Diva was to use 'Brella by Bunny Wright, CZT. As the challenge was issued on 4 May, nods to Star Wars were encouraged.

Star Wars didn't make it into my Zentangle today and it is a bit chaotic. But, that chaos is kind of reflective of my state of mind. I like how the Fandango across the top came out, and the nest 'Brella in the center. My string lead parts of my design, but in the end, several tangles overwrote the idea of the string. (It was a crossed Z.)


String: Fancy crossed Z
Tangles: 'Brella, Mooka, Flutterbud, Opus, DL Sunray, Fandango, Fans
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper
Tags: art, divachallenge, zentangle

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