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Random puppy pictures (repost)

Puppy Pictures:
(okay, puppy is probably the wrong word considering Summer turned two! in January and Winter will be four in October. They can't possibly be that old. Who is messing with the calendar?! Put it back! Put it back!)

Summer on my bed a week and a half after being spayed earlier this year. She was hyper as could be after being spayed and was jumping on and off the bed and up and down the staircase, so much so that I took her off pain meds so that would hurt and she wouldn't stress herself. So she started laying on the bed and being a princess ("No, Mom, it hurts when I jump off the bed"), even after she recovered until she realized that no, I wasn't feeding her on the bed and she was well enough to get off on her own.

Summ and Winter playing in the snow Mid March. Summ's favorite place outside is up on the table.

Summ sitting on a deck chair in mid March. (Yes, she's the guilty party who ate the cushion.) She actually slightly lighter (weight-wise) in this picture that the one I took tonight...she's blown coat, and lost a LOT of hair. The vacuum cleaners were in tears a couple weeks ago.

Look! I'm clean! Stand still? Sorry, not in my programming, but I'm clean. Gotta go! Bye!

Winter says, YAAWWWNNN!!!!!
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