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Summer graduates obedience class tomorrow. Figuring she ought to at least be clean for the occasion I gave the little crazy girl a bath. She so snuggable right now! Winter, not so snuggable. His bath is coming this weekend, and then show season will be starting up and he'll be getting them more frequently and things will get crazier around here. I just put my entries in for one of the biggest shows of the year coming up Presidents' Day weekend. Wish them luck!

Summer says,

I'm adorable!
I'm adorable

..........Even when I'm not smiling.

Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!

You just tortured me with a bath. Give me peace.
That does not include putting a camera in my face.

Hi, Mom!
Hi, Mom!

Do you have cookies? Look my tail's up!

And not to be left out, Winter says,

I don't need a bath, really
I don't need a bath, really
I'm supposed to look this ragged, Mom.
Really, no bath, please.
Let me just lay here and be adorable.

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