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Long time, no blog


Spook says, "Wow! Haven't seen this page in a while."

Picked up a new hobby...spinning! I need another fiber hobby like a need a hole in the head, but have found it so relaxing, I've just jumped right in.

Took a spinning lesson from Christy at on Dec 26. Did this:
(Photo copyright Christy Cooper.)

Christy gave me a wide exposure to types of fibers and types of fiber preparations.

Left to right in the picture:

Superwash Merino, drafted by Christy, 2-plied
Superwash Merino, drafted by Christy, Navajo-plied
Shetland (still with lanolin), 2 plied
Targhee batt, single
Angora - gave up on this, impossible to draft!
Superwash Merino, drafted by me, 2 plied
Silk Hankie, drafted by Christy and me, 2 plied

Christy dyed the merino, batt, and hankie.

Then the following, I monopolized her wheel at a knit group spin in, and spun this:


Some merino silk she gave me a couple years ago when I bought a drop spindle from her.

After that, I went home and ordered a wheel. I picked the Fricke S-160-ST. I'd read good reviews of it and it seemed like a good value wheel. I really like it.

Amy of threw in 4 oz of wool top in that she dyed (Sumac colorway). Here it is on the bobbins:

The bobbins weigh exactly the same right now. I'm thinking the bobbin on the right (the second one I did) has the yarn more compact, as well as finer and more neatly laid down on the bobbin. I'm going to let the yarn rest a bit and then 2-ply it.
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