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Quick update

Quick update. No pictures, sorry! It's been a hectic couple of months here.


Winter has now been in six show weekends and has done really, really, really well. He has 2 best Samoyed puppy wins, a puppy group 4 (these in Cortez), his first point (in Casper, surprised me royally...I kept waiting for the judge to say, "oops, not you"), a reserve (also in Casper) and a major reserve (in Loveland, I about died of shock. Winter was determined to have fun and did. not. behave. at. all.). He's a wonderful puppy who does have a bit of a crazy attitude, but I love him. It's hard to believe he's 8 months old already.

The cats are pretty wary around Winter still. I don't blame them. Winter's kill count is up to 3 rabbits, 2 birds and 4 wasps and a bee. Spook does have the unfortunant habit of thinking that Winter's crate pad is quite cozy and doesn't understand why I don't force Winter to leave Spook alone if Spook is in the dog crate (it's Winter's place).

Winter starts Intermediate Obedience class tomorrow night. He's been pretty good in Puppy and Basic to understand the concepts, he's just the most hyper dog in the class. Wonder if he'll settle down any. (Not holding my breath!)

Put sod in my backyard. Looks SO much better than the giant weeds I've had for the past two and a half years.

Celebrated my birthday with my family this past weekend (it was July 2) and had a good day.


Was in my first car accident in 11 years the Saturday before last. No one was hurt, but the insurance company is totaling my car. I've been on an emotional & financial rollercoaster since the accident trying to get all my ducks in a row, though. Was planning to get a car a year from now, instead of now. (Checkbook says "Ouch!")

Knitting has been pretty sparse in all of this. I'm halfway done with my swatch for Mystery Stole 3. I really want to get further, but I've been so drained that by the time I get time to myself, I just zonk out. (Can't knit lace with my cats around or the puppy. They all steal the yarn and make it pretty gross!)

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