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In like a lion...

Here comes March...apparently, I managed to miss February entirely here. Oops.

But back to my two main topics of conversation: Winter and knitting.

First, Winter.

He's now 4 months old. Remember this (scroll to the bottom under the headline Orange Goes Home - 12/26/2007)? It has turned into this:


(Pardon the slightly blurry photo. Boo bumped the camera and it was a hard picture to take so I didn't redo it.) He's getting so big, that I couldn't grab his feet for the shot.

Winter and Wizard are getting along better:


Boo still has war declared on the entire household. She spends maybe 1 out of every 10 minutes on the floor, preferring to jump from obstacle to obstacle to get around, as she's figured out Winter can't get on most obstacles.

Spook still isn't on the best of terms with Winter, but will sit on Winter's paws when the two of them beg (futilely) for my lunch or dinner. Winter's absolutely silent when he begs. I generally find out he's there by tripping over him.

Winter's been landscaping (the large hole is now double the width shown here and the shallow part is about 9" deep (the deep part is 15"), at least it is under the stairs):



And after he landscapes, he washes his feet in the water bowl.



More random pictures of Winter:




Now, the knitting content:

There hasn't been much (any?) progress on this since you've last seen it:


I only knit a few hours a week at knit group and I wasn't getting anywhere. The purling in fair isle was frustrating for me as well while I'm trying to get comfortable with fair isle and find a rhythm and I found myself actively avoiding the sweater. I've come up with a way to learn fair isle that shouldn't be as daunting, so I've broken the yarn on the sweater, capped the needles and put it away. I plan to come back to it later.

This is Tania, my poor, ragged, much abused CPK. My mother was working at the PX in Ft. Bragg the year they started selling them and won the store sweepstakes for a doll. Tania is the second oldest possession I own. I'm quite sentimental about her.


She's going to be the receipient of my fair isle attempt. I've shrunk the motifs of the Knit Picks Fair Isle Cardigan and have done the math to shrink the sweater. Things are going much better now. The sleeves for this should be easier than for a sweater for me. Tania's arms are cylindrical to the thumbs. (I never really thought about how a CPK was built.)

The hard part about shrinking the pattern is the "Easter Egg" section. It's fairly complex and wide in the original. If I shrank it to where it still resembled the original, 1) it would be a 2:1 reduction compared to the 3:1 and 4:1 reductions in the other sections and 2) it would be another row taller than what I've got now and I'm already worried about the pattern dominating as is. So I've settled for a 2.4:1 reduction and hoped to get the feel of the motif rather than a mini version of the motif. What I attempted was to make orange circles on a green background. The circles touch and share their extreme left/right points, with a little dot in the middle. Unfortunately the peach is so much lighter than the other two oranges that it almost seems to sit by itself. I think I'm going to leave it though and press on.


A dishcloth I started while avoiding the sweater. Not very far yet, but not bad for a morning of knitting with knit group.


Happy birthday to Ruby A who is now a big four! And a pre-happy birthday to my niece, Lexy who'll be three on the 19th.
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