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Practicing Procrastination

Now that we've had quite a bit of cold weather, my basement has dropped to 60° and will stay there until it warms up (or I dig out my space heater) - as I only have one heating vent and it is on the far side of the giant room. My computer is down here, so I freeze. Therefore, Clownfish is on hold while I finish these:


(Knitty's Fetching)

It's an easy pattern. I'm not overly fond of the very end of my picot bind off, and I need to fill in the holes where I picked up for the thumb, but what I have so far was a very fast knit. They are being made in a superwash wool that I bought a decade ago and haven't seen since. The yarn is actually a very dark teal, I'm not sure how well the teal shows up in pictures. Hope to finish these very quickly, as I also want to finish Clownfish before Christmas. I have no idea what to get my niece and I think Clownfish will do just fine.

It struck me today that my family's Christmas celebration is in just over two weeks (we'll be celebrating on the 23rd) and I haven't so much as put up a single decoration. Oops. I should get cracking on that. The tree takes a while for me to put up.

LJ's spellcheck never fails to amaze me. "Clownfish" isn't in it?
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