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Alpacas on the Rocks

Christy, Darcie and I went to "Alpacas on the Rocks" at the Jeffco Fairgrounds last Saturday. We had lots of fun. Lots of alpaca, fiber and other items. I picked up some chocolate colored fleece. Originally, I was going to get a small bag of roving to play with, but the only bags of it were in black or cream. While my favorite alpacas were the ones with various patterns on their coats, my favorite fleece came from the chocolate colored ones. My favorite of the day has to be this one:


An 11 day old alpaca. His mother couldn't nurse him, so here he is getting bottle-fed.

And here he's thinking of making a break for it.

cria escape

Diamond, the greeter of the day. As Christy said, there's just something about that hat.


An interesting guy with a goofy face. I took his picture several times.

funny face

A pair of alpacas on a ranch fairly near my place. The one on the left is the beautiful brown color I like so much.


An heirloom teddy bear made from alpaca fur. I was interested in him, but even before hearing his price, knew I couldn't afford him.


School's out for two weeks and then it's back for my final class! I apparently redeemed myself after the first test and a disastrous presentation the last day. Grades were posted today and I made an A! I also submitted my paperwork for graduation. There's light at the end of this tunnel!

I haven't got a lot of knitting done in the past two weeks. School was just too much. And with my down time I've been sewing Turtle (deadline's coming!) and sleeping.
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