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Update on the knitting

Is it really a week and a half into September already? It must be...tonight my professor mentioned our final exam is next Wednesday. This class is going by quick. We had the midterm tonight (late due to Labor Day). I'm not sure how well I did. I answered one of the questions, "I don't know. Oops." (Yes, that's exactly what I wrote, and no it wasn't in context. I was supposed to be analyzing a circuit.) I've done alright on everything else though. I even got a 77/80 on the presentation!

School, major yard and housework seemed to eat my knitting time for the past couple weeks, but I made progress on a few things (lots of pictures, so I'm putting the bulk of them behind a cut):

First up is the Candle Flame Shawl. And this critter is hard to take a decent picture of. I'm starting to run out of the licorice twist yarn. I'm thinking of breaking the yarn here and adding in the darker yarn and then coming back and doing a border of the licorice twist. That will depend on how I end up dealing with the darker yarn, as its gauge is smaller. But, hey, have to experiment, right?

cflame table

Here's a picture of the shawl on the lid of my laptop. Pictures in previous posts were taken on top of the computer, so you can see how it's grown.


And this is the second yarn:

cflame yarn

At knit group last Saturday I completed the remaining pieces of the turtle that I was working on back in July. Yesterday, I began the task of seaming him together. I'm about half way done seaming his shell, so still have a way to go. Turtle has a deadline of the end of October, as I have turtle-napping friend with a birthday approaching. (Maybe she'll quit stealing my stuffed animals...(thief))


And finally, I've made a bit more progress on the sock. I've added another full repeat of the pattern. I think that I've decided that two circulars are slower than DPNs, but I'm glad that I'm learning something new.


I think I may have been more productive than I was telling myself. Now a message to my cat:

Dear Boo:

That can't be a comfortable place to sit (especially not for half an hour) and it really makes a mess of my print jobs. I really only wanted to print three copies of the lab, not six. And stop chewing on my assignments!

My happy for the week: Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets go on sale soon!
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