Brie (brieza) wrote,

Candle flame Shawl Progress

I haven't done much knitting this past week, but I have made a little progress on the candle flame shawl. I've used about 25% of my yarn. I think that I'll be able to get up to a dozen flames across and about twice as tall from point to long side as it is now before I have try my experiment with the other yarn.

Surprisingly, this picture is a pretty close representation of the color. Reds generally don't seem to photograph well on my camera. I'm really taken with the pooling of this yarn. I like that some flames are mostly a single color and that they are spread through out.

Now that I have the pattern memorized, this is probably the quickest knit I've ever done. It is also the project I am most tactile with. The yarn is so soft! And the texture of the shawl is so inviting to just squish and fondle the yarn in my hands.
Tags: knitting

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