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Things are looking up.

I finally got my grades for my last class. An A! I scored enough extra credit on the exam to make up for the homework assignment I didn't have time to finish. I'm actually really happy with my exam score. I felt really unprepared for the test, and the questions were a bit odd, but I did well.

My current class has a lot of presentations. I hate presentations! We had our first one tonight and I actually scored 77/80. Yippee! I forgot to research something, so lost a few points there. And I had my normal problems of not projecting and speaking like a chipmunk on speed. (This is why I'm in a job where presentations are limited.)

I haven't had time to look for that prescription and I need to get on that. Hopefully tomorrow.

My knitting time has been extremely limited, in fact, I'ven't picked up my knitting since group on Saturday. I made some good progress on the candle flame shawl, I'm up to seven or eight flames across now. I'm loving how the licorice twist yarn looks in this. And I like the pooling that I'm getting. It gives it a very random feel of fire.

The worst thing about taking off a half day to get to doctor's appointments is the making up time. Tomorrow's going to be a long day. I left work at a very high point today, so it will be easy to sink in and start working tomorrow. (So much better than those days where I leave stuck in the middle of a problem and have to come in and try to figure out what's wrong.)
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