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Is it September yet?

I think August is out to get me. I just barely managed to avoid getting admitted to the hospital for observation this afternoon. (My muscles were so tense during a test this afternoon that they almost couldn't complete the test.) That's the good news. The bad news is that I now have to find someone in town who carries a very specific, not often prescribed medicine.

My best friend is in the hospital for a sinus infection gone very amok that ended up infecting her eye. Happily she's on the mend and hopefully should only have to spend a couple nights there.

I finished my project and turned it in. I don't know my grade in the class, yet, but I feel okay about it.

I've managed to add several row to the shawl experiment. (Christy, the nurse, my doctor and both cardio/vein techs I saw send you their highest compliments.)

It feels like I'ven't managed to accomplish anything this week, so why am I so tired?
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