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Law of Averages

So this week has had high points, low points, and weird points but very few average, normal points. Basically it equaled stress and me being silent on-line.

The lowest point came yesterday afternoon regarding my nephew and still upsets me to think about it, so right now my coping mechanism is to not to. However, it came on the heels of a week of melodrama which only highlighted the drama of his situation. Right now his mother is barely coping and I'm trying to hide my frustration with the mess so that I can be there for her.

The weirdest point was Friday afternoon. I met Sa's family for dinner at Bennett's. I was sitting on the patio with Sa's parents and her sons and we were waiting for Sa and her sister when all of sudden a lot of police cars show up at the building next door. Ten *very heavily* armed cops go in the building. A while later about six of the ones who had went in came out with a well dressed guy in handcuffs. The other four came out a few moments later. While everyone (there were about 50 people on the patio, there were a couple of large parties plus a couple tables of 7 or 8) was talking and wondering about that, a jeep comes flying (erratically) through the parking lot and the police surround it. Sa's dad took the boys inside so they wouldn't see this. The guy driving the jeep backs it wildly into a spot, nearly hitting a tree in the process and finally surrenders. The police carefully examined the jeep and arrested the guy. That was about half an hour's worth of entertainment of the very odd sort. I found out later that the guy was a disgruntled employee at a publishing company and threatened to go postal and gun was recovered from the jeep. I never did figure out what the story was with the first guy they brought out, though.

The high points of this week have to be receiving my midterm back and seeing that I got 265/250 (got the extra credit, but missed five points elsewhere); figuring out the solution to a fairly complex problem at work; and Saturday morning. Saturday morning yield a small knit group meeting where I had fun, but also score some very pretty, red laceweight yarn. I not exactly sure what to do with it yet - but I know that it won't involved hearts of any type. After knit group I went to a small independent game shop nearby (thanks for the quarters, Anti) and finally found a couple decks of No-Revoke Bridge cards. I've been looking for some of these for about a year now. My mother and I tend to mix up suits in the heat of game when my family plays pinochle. So I've wanted a nice looking deck (not lo-vision deck) of cards that had suits of four different colors. The suits are red, orange, green and blue and the red and orange are a bit closer than I'd like, but they will definitely work. The store will order me two more decks so that I can complete my pinochle deck, but I'm so happy to have found them at last. Finding that only took 15 minutes and I'd put 30 on the meter, so I went into the toy store and found a really cute stuffed dragon that also came home with me.

Right now I should be doing homework, but my mind is still reeling with the events of the past week and my concentration is shot. I'm alternately working on my project, reading a book, reading a short story online, knitting on one of the turtle parts, knitting on my sock and knitting on an experiment - spending about 10 to 15 on each. Pictures later. It's time to get back to something more serious.
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