Brie (brieza) wrote,

Syntax, schmyntax

Well, if only computers agreed with me on that. I'm refreshing and using four programming/modeling languages simultaneously right now (two for work, one for school and one to help my brother with his work). None of them are either of my two strong languages either. I know enough programming languages that the concepts are familiar to me. I know the basic concepts and can figure out how to do anything that I want. But the implementation is getting me. I caught myself at work today trying to comment something and it took me three tries to get the comment marker right. So now I have a card on my desk that lists various syntax issues of C++, Java, Perl, Visual Basic, VHDL and ksh scripting. My lead laughed at that one. (And if only I could learn spoken languages at the speed I pick up programming languages...not super fast, but at least I pick them up.)

Today marked the end of the first two weeks at my new job. Already! I love having actual (fun) work to do and I'm pleased with how much I've learned in two weeks. My lead and manager are pleased with my work. I did get a bit ill (but still able to go to work and function well) early this week which didn't surprise me in the slightest. I always do coming down off big bouts of stress, which pretty much describes the last month at my last job plus my midterm (I always fret over them more than I probably should). This time I was just pretty exhausted, so I came home and slept most nights. Also cut out early from class last night, and am much better today.

My sock is coming along pretty nicely. The toe is slightly more triangular than I planned, but as I got near where I thought the top of the toe would be, I realized that my math was off and had to add a few more increases. Looking at it though, I think it will fit fine. KWA is having a spin-in this weekend, but it's game night, so I'll miss it. :( I'm hoping we have another soon and that I know about it early enough to ask my family to reschedule game night.
Tags: knitting, work

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