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Exam == Knitting

I behaved myself and limited my stay at KWA on Saturday to only a few hours so that I could get home and get my Computer Design midterm done. I did finish my midterm on time and turned it in tonight. I think I did okay, but we'll see.

The midterm had several simulation problems and I used the wait times to start a sock experiment (all my socks so far can classify as experiments, actually). I decided to learn how to do a toe up sock on two circulars. I already know that these socks are going to be stepsocks. Parts of my beginning are sloppy (I had problems with 'unzipping' the provisional cast on and the problems rippled out a couple rows.) and I'd like to clean them up on the next sock (the "features" can remain here for this one), and in a couple places I spaced my increases the wrong number of rows. There's no way I'll be easily able to remember all of the issues. If I was smart, I would have picked up 4 needles instead of just 2 and followed blogless MJ's example of doing the parts of each sock one alternately (sock 1 toe, then sock 2 toe, then sock 1 foot, then sock 2 foot, etc.).

The beginning of a sock:

That's just one sock, not two. The top seems to have an interesting pattern in the blue/white section, but the bottom is completely random at the same point. I'll have to see how it behaves when it is on a simple round with no increases. (The yarn is Supersocke 100, but I'm unsure of the color designation - I have trouble reading the labels for that yarn.)

I wasn't working on Turtle while I was working on my exam, but I did make some significant progress on him at KWA on Saturday. He now has all four legs, his top shell and the pieces of his tail. I still have his head left to do (fairly small) and his bottom shell (comparatively large). The comment on his bottom shell would indicate why I've not got back to him. Too big to do while waiting for simulations to compile.


And now - it's time to make up for the Inevitable Exam Sleep Shortage.
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