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Musings on the new job

I've only been at my new job for three days and am liking it quite a bit.

  • There are enough people around that I actually have background noise. It helps me concentrate. Last place was so silent, I kept worrying that I was the only one around and I was abandoned.
  • The people are nice.
  • I actually have tasking! After several months of more or less twiddling my thumbs, I actually have something to do!
  • I'm remembering Perl pretty quickly as well as how various CM tools that I've used in the past work.
  • I'm happy at work and it is making me happier in general. The stress at the last place was starting to get me down.
  • The days are going by quickly again.
  • Almost everyone I work with is on a 9/80 schedule. I have the option to be and actually want to be, but I know that if I accept it, it will make dealing with school harder. So, for now, I'm sticking to a standard Monday through Friday schedule.
  • My mother felt that my email stating, "Hi, found a new job. Started today. Here's the new contact information." was a bit lacking in detail. But she didn't really know I was looking for a job, so I think it came out of the blue at her.

Other bits:
  • I showed Sa the yarn I bought in Manitou. She fell in love with the feel of the alpaca (the red/black yarn in the larger sized skein). She'd never felt alpaca yarn before.
  • I'm making a good bit of progress on Turtle while I'm waiting for Quartus to compile my school assignment.s
  • It took me three days and several iterations before I was able to develop the logic for a SIMPLE counter that wouldn't freeze Quartus.
  • I redecorated and cleaned the fish tank. I lost three fish in the process. One of the baby fish was accidentally sucked up the gravel vac and I didn't realize it he was already in the process of being flushed down the toilet. Another got stuck in a net and appears to have expired from stress. The third was hanging out hiding inside one of the decorations. I found him desiccated the next day when I picked the decoration up off a towel. I'm not heart broken over losing the first two, but am a tad annoyed at the last. The guy who was in the decoration was one of my algae eaters - and they are necessary and I'll need to buy another one.
  • The grass in my backyard ranges from 8 inches to 2.5 feet tall. It keep raining when I'm home. I'm actually hoping for a break in the monsoon season to mow my grass. Though with grass height, I'm guessing that I'm going to need a weekend day to manage it. What's wrong with me that I actually want to mow my grass?
  • Received my take home midterm on Monday. It is due next Monday and looks to be a lot of work. But there are only 3 simulation problems which is less than this latest round of homework. Unfortunately, one of them is like the problem that I'm currently stuck on. Looks like Turtle may have more opportunities arising for progress. :)
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