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Finally finished!

I finally finished my twin rib socks! Picture coming later.

Boo and Spook are mechanically inclined. In addition to playing with dimmer switches and light switches, Boo now turns on and off the TV. (The power button is at the perfect height for her to stand on her hind legs and reach.) Both Spook and Boo also have figured out how to remove the bathroom sink plug from the sink. First time I ran across that where it didn't belong, I had no clue what it was - I thought the plug was attached to the rod that opened and closed the drain. And, Spook has figured out how to press the snooze button on my alarm clock in the guest bedroom. I thought I was running really late when I heard it turn off. It doesn't appear to be a fluke because he's done it 4 mornings running. Wizard isn't mechanically inclined. I don't know where those two get it.

Happy birthday to Boo, who will finally be a year old tomorrow. I feel like she should be closer to two.

Platies should be sold with a warning. Perhaps this one?

WARNING: Platies are live-bearing fish. They are wonderful starter fish and tolerate less than ideal tank conditions. They do best in schools of three or more. However, we advise that if you don't wish to have a million fish, that you very carefully ensure that your fish are all of the same species. Platies breed like crazy and will reproduce until their numbers are twice that of your tank's ideal carrying capacity.

Yep, three more babies to make up for the two guys who died a while back and the one Boo fished out of the tank last week.
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