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TGIF & kitten update

I got a call from the shelter I've been working with to get my new kitten. He and two of his littermates got kitty colds and could not be neutered this week, so I won't get him until next week. Which, actually, isn't a bad thing. I'm out of town this weekend and really want to be able to introduce the new cat to my three-year-old cat, Wizard, in a supervised fashion. Plus, next week is payday so I will have more ready access to funds needed to pay for the kitten, kitten food and a vet visit. And I have more time to clean out Buddy's cage for the new guy.

I work with a guy who raises and races sled dogs, both Malamutes and Huskies. He's willing to work with me to get my yard husky-resistant in the next year or so. I'm planning to get a husky once I'm done with school.

Now I know why it's Friday. I needed a good day this week. :)
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