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Fraternal socks versus step socks

My knit group, and lots of other people as well, I'd imagine, deem socks that don't quite match "fraternal twins". In her search for that phrase on Tuesday, MJ accidentally called my socks "step socks". I finally made it to the toe of the second sock, and took a closer look at them. MJ was right. They are step socks. When I did the heel on the first, I changed the pattern in a different way than I did on the second sock. However, they are still cute socks, and I'm pretty proud of my work on them. (And happy to see the end is in sight. My goal is to finish them before class starts on Monday.)

Speaking of school, the bookstore at school had no idea of what book my class needs, so I have no book yet and no idea of the cost. For my just finished class, the bookstore had originally stocked the wrong book and that's what I had ended up with. I'll have the same professor in the coming class. He'll just be amused by my bookstore issues, so I'm not worried about not having the book in time.

Sa applied to an undergrad program at my school and will be starting this quarter. I'm really proud of her that she's going to get her degree finally.

Now that I think I've finally drained all my thoughts, I think it's time for sleep. Things make so much more sense than they did a few hours ago.

Happy Friday, all!
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