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For only two days at work, these have been wierd!

Work has been odd this week. Several months ago, my group at work lost a big job due to DoD budget cuts and we've since struggled to get more work. So my group has rapidly shrunk from 18 people to 10 (2 of whom are part-time). Most found other jobs within the company and moved, but layoff notices were given to two of them. This was the last week for those two, as well as for another guy who is transferring. One of the guys secured a transfer and is moving to Alabama and the other is the leaving the company completely, and will be pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time cop (currently he's just a part-time cop, and a programmer full-time). P, the guy going off to be a cop, has been my mentor since I joined the company just a bit over two years ago. P is an older guy, fairly set in his ways, opinionated and very strong minded. He has a tendency to frustrate the heck out of me - his programming practices don't match the industry standard, but as he's the senior programmer, I've had to follow his way. But I've learned a lot from this guy and he definitely helped me better my programming. I'll miss him, even though the first major interaction we had at work was him peer reviewing my code with the comment, "This is shit. But that's understandable, you're an inexperienced programmer. Give me the keyboard." And he proceeded to rewrite my entire module. (Yes, I was mad about that one.)

Several people got into an argument today about whether it was Tuesday or Thursday. After that got settled, they then got into an argument whether the Tuesday or Thursday tag-ups should be held. While I don't go to any of the tag-ups, they were arguing right by my cube (there are 16 empty cubicles out of 26, so they could have easily avoided my area), so I refereed. My call: "It's Thursday and you knew ahead of time Tuesday was a holiday, so just have the Thursday tag-up."

Yesterday at lunch, a large, heavy wooden folding white board/bulletin board (9 feet by 5 feet by 3 inches when open) randomly crashed off the wall in one of the manager's cubicles. People came running thinking something blew up in the room. Luckily, it was the cubicle for a guy since transferred to another program and no one was hurt. The board was put up nearly ago and hasn't been used or leaned on in at least three months. About an hour after that, we had our yearly employee survey. And I burst out laughing at question 30: "How safe do you feel at work?"

One really has to wonder what tomorrow will bring.
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