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Popping up for air!

This last class was a lot of work – definitely the most I've had in any class in the past two years. The class was Computer Architecture, and a graduate version of a class I took as a senior. Though six years have passed in the industry, I was amazed at how much the underlying ideas have remained the same. (Computer Architecture was called Computer Organization at CU and it was my third favorite class there (after Digital Logic and one of my history classes).) I was worried about my final project. I had a horrible time getting ideas for it and getting a good flow. I ended up using my third idea for the project as I wasn't able to find information on the first two. I had a really hard time finding information for this topic, too, until I started taking guesses and do my research in a 'backwards' fashion. But it must have been okay. I got an A in the class!

This class was theory-based. Professor Bob is developing an applied follow-on course and that is what I start in two weeks. It sounds like it will be pretty cool. The follow-on course replaces a class called Data Communications which I really, really didn't want to take. (I'm not much in to the communications side of electrical engineering, I only took satellite communications because I work in a related industry.)

I met Breana this weekend in Denver. We had a blast, eventhough I had to cut our visit short so I could finish my paper for the Saturday midnight deadline. We met at a Thai restaurant for lunch and it was wonderful. Then we went over to the mall and wandered around snarking at some of the weird, stupid, useless and ugly stuff. Great fun and our snarkmeters are at about the same point.

Highlights: There must be a Bre magnet in the Kitchenaid mixers. We would go near one and I would watch as Bre's head started to move toward the mixer, followed by her shoulders and her feet had no choice but to follow. And, as for the pink Kitchenaid, let's just she was in love. (I have a red Kitchenaid, so wasn't drawn as strongly to them.) In the same store, Bre horribly misidentified a turtle cookie cutter – but I can't remember what she thought it was, I just remember laughing (we did a lot of laughing). Bre got to see my fear of escalators: I stood at the top for several minutes, almost got on, then looked for stairs, couldn't find them, almost got on again, told Bre that I didn't like escalators and then finally got on it. I was so sad to have to leave early.

Game night is on Saturday at my place, so I'll have to mow the backyard this week. My mom's birthday was last Sunday and mine is this Sunday, so we'll celebrate them on Saturday. I was going to have a birthday party with Sa and her family at my place on Sunday, but have apparently been overruled and Sa's parents are going to host it. I'm still bringing the cake. Every year my cake is an ice cream cake and last year, I discovered that a single medium ice cream cake from Coldstone is the perfect size for the two parties. (No way do I want an entire half of that cake in my freezer - tastes too good to last long. Before discovering Coldstone, I'd get cakes from DQ and they were so hard to cut they lasted a long time.)

I don't have the third and fourth planned, but I think catching up on sleep sounds lovely. What do think?
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