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Follow the yarn trail, follow, follow, follow, follow

"Brie, put your stuff away!" I keep telling myself that, but it doesn't sink in.

My twin-rib sock was sitting on my dining room table last night when I went to bed. This morning as I went to turn off the alarm, I rolled over a small ball. At first, I thought it was a cat toy - Spook has a tendency to drop his toys on me in the middle of the night in hopes that I'll throw them and we can play fetch (more often, I don't throw them and Spook comes back later and I wake up to a cat digging his paws into my ribs as he attempts to retrieve his toys). I pick up the ball and throw it. That was a mistake.

The ball didn't go very far, in fact, it simply thudded softly to the floor. I was still majorly bleary, but I realized I now had string wrapped around my wrist. I find my glasses and realize I'm tangled up in the ball of yarn attached to my in-progress sock and the ball is quite small. Fearing the worst, I untangle myself and start winding the ball as I go:

Pick the ball up from the floor in front of the nightstand, gather up the yarn from the bed and then follow the string out the door of the bedroom, through the hall to the top of the stairs. Go down six stairs to main level. Unwrap the yarn from around the scratching post, turn left and go to the top of the stairs leading to the entry landing. Unwrap the yarn from the speaker stand and go down the stairs to the landing. Come back upstairs to the main landing and go into the kitchen. Do a big loop and come back out of the kitchen, under the loop around the lamp and then make a left and head to the recliner. On the way to the recliner under a simple knot before it gets any tighter. Fish out yarn from under the recliner, turn left and wander towards the dining room table. See sock beneath chair. Inspect the sock for damage.

Amazingly enough after all that, the sock was found with all five needles stick attached securely and no dropped stitches. The yarn itself had one place where it looks like the cats were trying to eat it. It was wet and slightly untwisted, but should look okay when knit up. I put the sock and yarn in a zip bag, put it in my chest and went to get ready for the day. I'm completely amazed that the yarn wasn't broken.

Progress on the sock: still working on the gusset decreases.

Progress on other crafts: nil.

Game night was fun. Our pinochle games were much more lopsided than normal, but at least each team won at some point. Driving the 79 miles back home, I noticed that my speedometer was stuck on 65. The speedometer works fine in the mornings and also worked semi-okay last night coming home from school. But in the afternoons (after the car has been sitting out all day in the sun), the speedometer gets stuck and jumped in 10 and 15 mph increments when it does move. I wonder if something is getting warped. Since I don't want a speeding ticket, the car is going in for service - again.
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