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Arrival of the birthday/holiday season

Why does Friday always come so much slower on short weeks? I ought to have energy from the extra day off.

This weekend kicks off my season of holidays and birthdays that goes through mid-August. (I supposed you could count Memorial Day as part of the season, but for some reason, I count is as the end of Spring, while counting the beginning of June to be the holiday season.)

This weekend is Game night, so we'll celebrate Father's Day as well. (I only see my dad once a month.) Next is T's birthday - he'll be seven. The last week of June and first week of July contain my mom's birthday, my college best friend's birthday, and my birthday. Also mixed in there are a seven internet friends' birthdays. Independence day is a couple days after my birthday. Following that are my high school best friend's birthday, another close college friend's birthday and my half-sister's birthday. I'm always afraid I'll miss someone or change their dates.

In other news, I'm making progress on the second sock. I've finished the heel turn and am getting ready to pick up stitches for the gusset. I can't do that from memory, so I didn't bring the sock with me to take to my car appointment. I'm hoping my car appointment doesn't take too long, as I still have to mow the grass and would like to get that done before yet another thunderstorm. (Yes, I know we need the rain, but can it come about an hour later?) School this session has a lot of assignments, so I've not had much time to knit outside of knit group.

I'm working on finding a contractor to replace my deck. I really hope that I can replace it this year, but that might not be completely feasible from a financial standpoint. I also need to find a contractor to trim some trees, though I'm definitely thinking of removing one of them, and maybe the second. The tree that I'm thinking of removing is directly in front of the overgrown monster pond, doesn't look good where it's at, is a hazard (i.e., the blocking of the pond when we try to clean it and makes it hard to discern where the drop off into the pond is) and seems to be a favorite napping spot for a local fox (which I'd rather not live in my backyard). Mr. B and M think I should rehabilitate the pond. In their mind (and mine, too) it looked gorgeous when it was kept up. Key words: when it was kept up. I'm not sure that I really want to subject myself to that further maintenance, but we'll see. I won't really have a chance to work on it until next summer and I'll be done with school by then, so my time constraints will be different.
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