Brie (brieza) wrote,

Puppies and trees

Memorial Day is my first paid holiday of the year, so I was really looking forward to the three day weekend.

Saturday, blogless MJ hosted KWA's puppy party. We had eleven dogs and eleven people (including MJ's husband) and had a wonderful time. The dogs were pretty well behaved (ignoring a couple minor incidents) and cute, the weather was perfect, there was lots of good food (and doggie-jello-shots for the puppies). I ended up working on more of Catherine and am now halfway through the second body piece (and at the end of the first skein). The body pieces are the biggest, so it will feel like it is going faster once I move on to the other pieces (well, at least until I get to the dress). It was a very fun day. Thank you, MJ.

Sunday, Sa's parents ended up having to move and we postponed our fishing trip. I ended up spending the day catching up on sleep and watching TV on DVD (lots of episodes of Star Trek). Also made more progress on my sock. I'm in the middle of the heel now, so getting closer to done!

I had never disposed of the tree branches/trunks/pieces that were waste from the snowstorm on 10 October and the windstorm on 3 November. So Sa, Sh and I did that yesterday. It took nearly six hours to cut them up. The part that astounded us was the wood was still green and the branches were still springy - after sitting in a corner of the yard for seven months! All three of us really need to be better about sunscreen - we remembered our faces, but not our arms. I bought some sunscreen last week, too. (One thing that I wish is that I could find a thick sunscreen - most seem much, much runnier than regular lotion and I've never been able to handle the runniness. (I always look for the thicker lotions as well, for the same reason.))

So after all of the hard work of yesterday, I think it was better that Sunday was spent at home. Tonight's homework and more yard work. The front yard grew really quick in the past week!
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