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A 5-year old remodelled my house!

Sa came over and we looked at my roof and gutters. At first we were using my 6 foot ladder and then my neighbor saw us and lent us his Little Giant ladder. I so want one of those. Able to reach my roof better, Sa actually got on the roof. She has practice navigating roofs - I do not, but I was leery of her being up there with her bad ankle. We discovered an inch of sand in one of the gutters and the shingles around a couple of pipes have holes. The shingles on the porch over the front door are rotten. We think we found the causes for most of the leaks. The laundry room leak by the garage is much harder to actually pin down, but we may have gotten it. So the roof people will have work on Monday.

I still think that the previous owner's five year old remodeled the place. When I moved in, I found scads of nails atop the kitchen cabinets, crayon drawings in the closet of one of the bedrooms, the trim in the same room was only halfway painted and the master bath looked liked the drywall had simply been primed, and badly at that. (When my father replaced the medicine cabinet a month ago, we discovered that the bathroom had once been wallpapered and also at one time had been painted yellow.) Also every third screw (in the switchplate covers, outlet covers, light fixtures and the sidelight windows of the front door) was missing. What did they do with all the screws? Well, while up on the front porch we found yet another cache of hardware, this time, cabinet fasteners, Christmas light hooks (which may have a slightly decent recent for being up there) and yet more nails. The last time I checked cabinets were not installed on porch roofs.

It was late by the time Sa and I were done inspecting the leaks and her kids were super wound up. (They've been off their routine all week due to doctor's and other appointments (causing Sa to work late to make up time) and my house issues. I keep a jar of foreign money on my coffee table (just as a curiosity, it really has no meaning for me). Also in the jar were a couple of quarters and a two dollar bill. Sa's six year old, T, took the quarters and two dollar bill and then lied about it. This makes twice this week that he has lied directly to me. (The first on Tuesday when I picked him up from day care (another routine breaker).) He has been a royal pill recently and we cannot figure out why. He used to be bullied at school and would take it out on his younger brother, Z. That behavior is similar to what Sa and I are seeing, but he is acting out more around me than Z. All we can come up with is that T is being bullied again, he resents the fact that I am disciplining him, or he is trying to determine my boundaries. His only role models and authority figures are Sa, her sister Sh, the boy's day care instructor D, T's teacher, and me. I'm the only non-family, non school role model. (Though we don't know if he realizes that I'm not family, though he has only known me seven months.) I'm probably not as upset about the money (I will be getting it back tomorrow) as I should be, but I'm really angry about the lying and bullying. The lack of respect is getting to me. Sa will be telling him in no uncertain terms tomorrow (when both are awake and alert) that I do have the authority to lay down rules and discipline him and that I am essentially a third guardian (Sa and Sh being the first two).

We went out to dinner because we weren't up to cooking. (This was before we discovered money issue.) We ran into my functional manager, J and his family. J is the one that I called in sick to this morning. I still have the sore throat but not the headache. He's not overly concerned with me taking off 3 days (unplanned for the most part) in 6 work days as we are a little light on work for this month. But still, to run into your boss on a day you called in sick is kind of awkward. But he knows that I suffer from chronic headaches that would require me to work half days. Unfortunately, policies at work require a full day be taken for sick leave (less can be taken if you make it up on a different day), so my headaches get me a full day off work, but I'm often feeling better around 2 o'clock. I've been burning a lot of sick time at this job because of it. I had been curious why I was burning it nearly twice as fast before I realized that my last company let me take sick time in 6 minute increments as long as I was using at least an hour. Sa discovered the money on her way home.

Well, I'm off to bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard. See how I manage to make it through the third day of work this week. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.
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