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Bits and pieces

I feel like making lists today, so here are some of the random thoughts and goings on that I've had in the past few days.

  • I got an A in my Sat Comm class!
  • Thunderstorm season appears to have begun again. Right as I attempted to go to bed, a pretty severe thunderstorm came up last night. It was raining sheets of water. My sidewalk was flooding and the water was flowing pretty quickly west down the street (slight downhill in that direction). But several times a minute, such high winds would whip up that a large quantity of water kept trying to flow/blow east up the street. I was glad to be safe and secure inside!
  • I've finally re-started work on my second Twin Rib Sock last Saturday and have done about half of the cuff.
  • I have a scrape on my head this morning. Spook decided he wanted my pillow and sat on my face. I banged my head on my nightstand as I was freeing my nose and mouth so I could breathe. I'm not sure that Spook really liked my solution of using him as a pillow - but hey, it worked for me. :)
  • It's the time of year when I tend to forget to block the southern windows and the sunlight, and my place heats up a lot. A couple nights ago, I opened the windows to cool the place down and also put a fan in my bedroom. Spook stretched out on top of the dresser in the path of the fan just absorbing the cool air. I guess I should be glad that he didn't attempt to literally drape himself over the fan (like Buddy used to do as a kitten) - it would have fallen over.
  • The cats have the CRAZIES this week. Boo and Spook especially. I'm wondering if it is the weather.
  • Most of the dandelions from the attack are dead. Unfortunately, not all of them. But I'm impressed at how many the weed and feed took care of. Now I just have to find time to actually mow the lawn before it junglifies.
  • The medians on the road right near my work are being watered twice a day, everyday. I know that the utility company removed the watering restrictions, but this is excessive even disregarding the facts that a) The runoff is significant - I shouldn't be driving through 2" deep puddles (on a steep hill); b) The grass was healthy - it doesn't need that much water; and c) It's a median! Not the capital lawn.
  • Is it actually possible to cancel a paper subscription in this town? I canceled in February(there were less than 2 weeks left in my subscription and I didn't care about getting money back, I just didn't want to have to deal with disposing papers I had no time to read). The operator and I talked and she converted it to a Sunday paper that would run out March 19. I'm still getting the Sunday paper. About a month ago, a person from the paper called me to let me know my subscription expired. I told him I didn't want to renew and in fact had canceled it. He said okay. Since that phone call, I've gotten the Saturday paper as well as the Sunday paper. A week ago, I got another call from the paper. I mentioned that I had canceled the paper and didn't need to keep getting it. I've gotten 4 of the last 7 days' worth of papers. At this rate, I'll be getting the paper daily if I have any more conversations with the paper company.
  • We're going fishing on the 28th again. Hopefully the boys catch something.
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