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Are you sure Mother's day was only 3.5 days ago?

This has been a pretty rough week for me. Luckily, I've managed to have some ups in the middle of the downs. And, knock on wood, it appears to be taking an upward trend.

Layoff notices starting going out last Thursday. I didn't get one on Thursday or Friday and was operating in a state of impending doom all weekend and most of this week, so that intensified the downs for me.

Downs: Exhausted from the work stress and the finishing of my project. Realized at 5:15 that I had class, and on top of that, the final exam for the class. Class starts at 5:15. Grab my bag and paper and head to class. I'm 20 minutes late for the test and have also managed to forget my calculator and several pages of my paper.

Ups: The professor automatically tells me to turn my paper in Tuesday (without know bits and pieces of it were missing) and let me use the calculator built into Windows (which has a slight learning curve after using my TI-86 (such as typing the angle and THEN the trig function instead of the other way around)). I finished the test with 45 minutes to spare and felt I did well on it.

Lesson learned: Swiffers make great moth squishers and cleaners for vaulted ceilings.

Downs: Car won't start in the school parking lot. Actually, car won't even attempt to crank. Lights won't come on either and the clock suddenly says 12:00. Dead battery. My engine tends to eat tools - my brother lost several ratchet bits and a screwdriver in my car when he attempted to change the battery several years ago, so I have to have the car towed. Battery was last replaced by a company 80 miles away and the paperwork seems to have gone missing, so I think I lost any warranty on that battery and had to get a completely new one. I'm worried that more might be wrong with my car, as this is my third battery in six years (Sept. 2001, May 2004, and now May 2006). It's been almost exactly 2 years since the last replacement. Car gets to dealer too late to be fixed, so I have to find a ride to work for Wednesday.

Ups: My paper got turned in on time. I had tasking at work. And it was a nice day, so waiting for a tow truck wasn't as bad as it could have been. Sa proved that no matter, she's there when I need her and she would make sure I got to work. Sh kindly gave me a ride home from the dealer. When I got home, I had a wonderful package waiting for me from magicyam containing one of her Tom-stones (mine is bright green) from my Plush of the Month subscription from her, a little Octo-pal (light green), and some little origami stars. I love getting "happy mail"!

Lesson Learned: It's okay to ask friends for help. Sa attributes my lack of asking for help to pride. My college friend, M, berated me for not asking him for help a couple times. I'm not sure it is pride, so much as not wanting to burden others with my problems. (And yet I do expect them to ask me for help - hmm, definitely see the double standard once it is written out.)

Downs: The bookstore ordered the wrong book and didn't fix it until this week. I bought the book at the beginning of the quarter - five and a half weeks ago - and no longer have my receipt. Hopefully they'll let me exchange it. The book was $130. Also, Sa's crazy ex, who has only supervised visitation rights (and because he refuses to be supervised, don't exercise them) emails her six year old to tell him he has an appointment with a doctor of Crazy Ex's choosing (thank goodness, his email is checked for him). As far as I'm aware, he shouldn't be able to make appointments like that. Add this on top of the fact he's considered a flight risk and is trying to get the court to change custody issues, Sa was about to break.

Ups: Sa was a doll and gave me a ride to work and also promised to pick me up early so I could go get my car and be to school on time. I treated her to Starbucks (her favorite place) as a thank you and a pick me up for her crazy day. The dealer saw nothing wrong with my car and carefully checked it for me due to its age and my concerns. So thankfully, all I had to pay for was the battery. Class this session is the graduate form of third favorite undergraduate class, so I'm pretty happy even though there are a lot of assignments and work. Also, found out that all 60-day notices were passed out and I was spared for the time being!

Lesson Learned: Keep the door closed while cleaning the tub. In a very random mood of whatever, I decided to clean the layer of dust and dirt out of the tub. The cats play in and attempt to bury stuff in there, too. (I think the tub has been used all of once in the past year and that was by a guest.) The cats shredded the interior shower liner and the nonslip mat (and managed to weave about 8 toys into it). So tossed that stuff and then filled the tub up with a couple inches of water. Spook's curiosity got the better of him and after watching me for a few minutes from the rim of the tub, decided to jump into the tub and catch my rag. He realized that there was water in the tub (and he prefers it out the faucet, so he can control how wet he gets). He slips in the process of getting out and gets a bit wetter. But jumps out and onto my lap for petting. I put him down (wet cat in the lap, no thanks!). He hops back up on the rim of the tub and then decided to stalk the rag, again. By the time he got on my lap the second time, he was soaked. I dried him off with a towel and threw him out of the room. My question for Spook, though, is, "Didn't you learn the first time?"

Today is going well, so far. And since I'm not under the feeling of impending doom right now, it's a Happy Day.
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