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Sunburnt! And Happy Mother's Day.

We had an enjoyable day fishing, not that we actually caught anything. I was joking that the fish have mutated to avoid trout bait. I forgot an important lesson - the sun might be barely out and you might be freezing, but you can still get a sunburn from the reflection off the lake. We need to work with the boys in keeping their voices down while we are fishing. (Actually, we need to get Sh to keep her voice down as well, but she's 32 and much harder to teach.) We were at a little in a valley up in the mountains and the boys and Shannon were echoing when they were talking to each other (and they were only 5 feet apart). Sa and I were about 1000+ feet away and had no problems following their conversations from our location.

Apparently in Sa's family, Mother's Day is a BIG deal. The boys and Sa and Sh went all out giving M and Sa presents for Mom's day. But apparently, they also honor their aunt on Mother's day as well. This year, I was also honored (as the honorary aunt). Sa's boys got me a mother's day card and a plush kitty-cat. M and Sh gave a little incense burner/holder with an elephant on the end of it. I'm not really an incense person, but it is about the perfect size to hold some needles and pins on it when I'm sewing. That was very nice of them, but it really threw me for a loop. Mother's Day with my mom consists of getting her a card and giving it to her sometime in the month of May. She doesn't even want to go out to eat because she doesn't like dealing with crowds.

I finished a warshrag from the Mason Dixon book. I used two colors of Sugar n Cream: Pastel Print (mostly white with flecks of blue, pink, turquoise and yellow) and Rainbow Bright (as it's name suggests, a bright multi). I used the Rainbow Bright as the "bricks" of the the pattern and the Pastel Print as the "mortar". I like how the rag came out and I've already thrown it into my dishcloth rotation and it is currently sitting on my sink.

I'm still plugging away at my project and it looks like it'll be a LATE night. (Hopefully not too late, I have the class final tomorrow.) The sunburn is compounding the sleepiness unfortunately.
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