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I'm going to push to get my project for SatComm done ASAP. Sa's family is going fishing for Mother's Day and since my family doesn't do anything for Mother's day, they told me that I'm expected to go to. :) I never really had contact with my extended family growing up due to my mother be estranged from her family most of my childhood, and no money (on either side) to see my dad's sisters. So Sa and her family are like an extended family to me. It's nice to have one.

It won't be particularly warm up in the mountains on Sunday, but it should be fun. (I've got to remember to buy a fishing license before then.) Mr.B, Sa's dad, made a mention of having fish for lunch, provided someone cleans them. Sa and M (her mom), being the mothers already opted out, and I don't think you want a 5 or 6 year old cleaning fish, so I think Mr.B and Sh will have that duty. I rarely eat fish, and then only tuna out of a can. I had a fish bone stuck in my throat as a kid and the ER doctor said to leave it in, it would dissolve on it's own. Since then I don't eat fish with bones, watermelon with seeds, or grapes or oranges with seeds. Thank goodness for navel oranges and seedless grapes! :)

Back to researching satellite parameters so that I can make progress on the project. The calculations are going to be the long part, though. The professor expects about four pages worth of calculations, which happens to include (as only part of the calculations) some very similar to that of a recent homework problem. Hmm, that homework problem took me FIVE pages alone. My guess is that I'm looking at somewhere near seven pages of math - mainly trig and long equations. The equations are really complex, but they are so long that there is lots of room to make a transcription error.

(And I'm so happy about going fishing that my project is barely phasing me at this point. Bounce, bounce.)
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