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My current class is Satellite Communications. It is one in a series of four communications classes and the only one that I'm taking. I'm taking it as an elective whereas most of the rest of the class is taking it as part of the comm series. However, that means that I lack a lot of the knowledge that others in the class have. So I was fairly apprehensive about the test. And left it thinking "No higher than a B".

Professor graded them and last class put the scores on the board:

Average: 82
Scores: 59, 62, 84, 85, 86, 86, 87, 90, 96. (Yes, the class is all of 9 people.)

I'm actually the 90! Yeah! I was shocked to do so well. My professor, who knows I don't have the prerequisites and knew that I was very concerned about the test is now wondering if I panic just because. No, actually I don't. The class as a whole did pretty well on the test, and actually better than expected. The average was affected severely by the two lowest grades.

The test is of 30% of my grade. I only got 80% on my quiz, but that is only 3%ish of my grade. This was going to be a rough week and a half, as the professor planned for us to have 2 more homework assignments (a total of four), 2 more quizzes (a total of three) and the final project and the final exam all between the 3rd and the 15th (we meet twice a week). That's a lot of work. We talked him out of one of the quizzes and the fourth homework is now extra credit. Phew - some breathing room.
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