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Interview meme

Meme from lls_mutant:

just respond and I'll ask you five questions, which you then answer in your own LJ and repeat the process.

1.) Where's the best place you've ever visited?

I haven't had the chance to travel much, but I am a military brat, so I've lived a lot of places. Okinawa was my favorite place. Now that I'm 14 years away from there, I can see that I would like to visit there rather than live there again. (Although, it has changed greatly from when I was there.) It was an interesting mix of Japan and the US due to the very high concentration of the US military there. The architecture and history were very cool (had lots of field trips to various castle ruins). The culture and food were fun and interesting. And most of all, I loved the ocean. (Worst thing about Colorado - no oceans.)

2.) How long do you think two people should date before getting married?

Long enough to get to know one another and make sure their views and priorities are compatible. Probably about 6 months on average. (I do know of a successful marriage where the couple knew each other less than a month before their wedding. They, however, are a strong exception.)

3.) If you had to choose between auditioning for American Idol or auditioning for Survivor, which would you try out for?

Hmmm, I'm a homebody (i.e., clueless without my comforts) with a voice that sounds like a mouse with a nasal problem and asthma. Better go with Survivor, though. I wouldn't want to be responsible for the deaths of the people who would die laughing if I attempted to sing.

4.) Favorite character in the HP series and why?

I like Snape because he appears to have a very complex character, i.e., he's not as two dimensional as some of the other characters.

McGonagall is a close second, though it's harder to articulate why. She just seems likable.

5.) What is your least favorite fic scenario ever?

Making me think before class? I read just about anything well written, no matter how odd or inane the idea is, because I appreciate good writing and the creativity that goes into stories. (I'm an accomplished technical writer, but fiction is hard for me.) I'm more apt to hit the back button though with the really absurd, out of character fics (Hagrid/Dobby? Ewwww.).
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