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There must be something in Poly-fil

I love my knit group, I really do. A big part of it is that we share the same sense of humor. So therefore, I must thank my knitting group for stalling progress on the Nautie. Thanks to their (and mine) dirty minds, I cannot work on the creature without laughing, so for the time being he is sitting on my VCR awaiting his tentacles and eyes. Knit group last week was at the cabin Phoebe bought to renovate. It's really neat up in Manitou Springs. So much potential and a great view. It will be really interesting to see what she does with it. We sat outside and knit. Saturday was such a nice day!

Contrast that with Monday night and yesterday. There were a few snowflakes coming down on my way home from school Monday night! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and then it cools down again.

The test on Monday night wasn't fun. There were a couple questions that seemed like they were assumed knowledge that I know at least 2 or the 10 don't have. I think I did okay with the orbital mechanics, but am definitely worried about the communications part of the test. Tonight, our instructor is out of town, so we are presenting various sections in the next chapter under the supervision of another instructor. I've got a fairly small section, thank goodness, and I go in the middle (also thank goodness). But, I really prefer to hear the material from someone I know understands it first.

Since I've taken a break from Nautie, I've done some other crafty things instead. (No pictures yet, sorry.)

Dash is halfway complete. He's a 12" teddy bear that I'm making from red plush fabric and red gingham. He's the guy that I was planning to make for March's Project Spectrum. Dash is my practice project for learning how to use various teddy bear joints, as Catherine will be too big to thread joint. I may change his name once I finish him. Most of the teddy bears patterns I've seen have had names and I would use those for the finished product's name. This pattern is simply "D". So for now, this little guy is Dash.

Pokette is also about halfway complete. She is a 3" tall by 4.5" long stuffed, crochet turtle. She's using some of my acrylic stash yarn. Pokette is the baby turtle in Roxycraft's Slow Pokes collection.

I've also made three catnip mice for the cats using felt scraps, poly-fil, catnip and a sharpie. And, I made a little more progress on the pieces for Catherine.

And I've also started casting on for the Creatures of the Reef shawl from Fiddlesticks. I really like the way the shawl looks, but I think with the cats around, a lace shawl may not be the most practical thing to make. However, I really like it and Anne has been encouraging me to try it. Do notice that I mentioned "starting" to cast on. CotR is worked bottom up and there are 437 stitches to cast on. I've been getting them cast on in groups of 40 to 60 stitches as I've had time and have about 266 done. The yarn is smaller than any I've used up to this point (laceweight), so when I needed to learn how to do a knitted cast on, I tried with a bigger yarn. And amazingly for me, this pattern requires no poly-fil! (I swear, I'm addicted to this stuff.)
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