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I don't think straight when I am sick, so why can't I get sick on days I don't have class? I had a quiz last night and am hoping that I passed it. I have an exam on Monday. Part of it is review for much of the class, but not for me, so the instructor gave me an old text book and some homework solutions to help me prepare for Monday's test.

I missed work yesterday. We are in a lull, so I had no catching up to do today and I split my week in half. Why can't I manage to do that without being ill. Unfortunately, as I was ill, I did very little yesterday.

One thing I did accomplish was some work on the frog design and I think it will be a case of The Third Time's The Charm for the frog body. The first was a pin-headed frog. It also had a big tail, but I forgot about that when I did the second guy. The second one is almost perfect - except I forgot to remove the tail from the design - so it looks like a frog in the last stages of transformation from a tadpole to frog. So I am fairly certain I can get the body correct. Then I just have to do the eyes and legs. I need to get a set of size 5 DPNs for the legs, though. I anticipate that the toes are going to be a pain to do!

Nautie's head in coming along slowly, but it'll get done soon. I just have to keep it away from Boo's reach. Due to the small size of the Nautie (my guess was right and the shell is the size of my palm), I'll probably just do a couple of black stitches for eyes rather than doing felt or beaded eyes.
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