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Back to the grind

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

I had a nice Easter celebration on Saturday with my family. My niece was in a no mood for most of the day, even when she was happy and also even when she was behaving. She did get into my stash, so I had rewind several balls of yarn. My mom also wanted a demonstration of how my swift and ball winder work. So I gave her a demonstration, unfortunately, it was before I discovered L got in the stash that wasn't in the living room!

On Sunday, I had a flare up of cubital tunnel in my left hand, causing my pinky and the outside of the hand to go numb. I'm still not sure of the trigger (as I normally have flare ups in my right hand), but I don't knit when I have flareups. I got the shell done on Nautie, but nothing else. I probably won't get a chance to work on the face for a couple of days.

The shell has the full number of increases. The neck was bound off a bit tight, I might have to go back and adjust that. I left a 2 foot tail, so I should have enough yarn to fix the bind off. Shell was done in fingering weight yarn by Crazy Monkey Creations on Size 1 needles. I like the stripey nature of the yarn - it works really well with the pattern.

I did some more sketch work on my frog design since I couldn't knit much this weekend, but I really need to knit a little bit to figure things out. I really want to do most of the shaping with increases and decreases, but I need to experiment to see what looks good.

I completely managed to space my homework until 11:30pm last night. Oops. So I was up until 2am attempting to work on it. Got some done, but not all that I hoped.

My house is almost 100% clean thanks to the work I had to do to make it ready for Easter. Just have to clean the bathrooms, straighten the garage, clean the fish tank and do the filing. I really ought to do the filing before it fills two 5-ream paper boxes. Problem is the filing cabinet is so full that I have to do some culling as well. Sometime this week, the shredder is header for a major workout.
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