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I really ought to make lists

But, I don't. I used to have a really good memory and I still do for inane trivial fact. However, I don't seem to do well with getting things I need at the store. I braved WallyWorld last night when I did my grocery shopping because I needed to get a decent calculator for my SatComm class and I knew King Soopers wouldn't have one. I bought only food and cat litter. No calculator. Which means I have to brave WallyWorld on an even busier day to get the thing because I won't have a chance this weekend and the homework is due Monday.

Nautie is coming right along. The repeats on the yarn are fairly short and it is starting to look a wee bit striped. (Near the beginning the repeats lasted for several rows, now they last for a row.) Pretty soon, though, the repeats won't make it around the shell. It is much easier to see the structure now than it was a couple days ago. It also much easier to stuff now. I can actually do it with my hands instead of 3/16" dowels and crochet hooks (though I still need the dowel help me stuff evenly around the inside.

MJ gave me a little repeat counter for my Irish Hiking Scarf and I like it a lot. I realized how helpful it would be for this project, so I went out and got some jump rings and beads to make some of my own. MJ's are better, but mine does function. This let me get rid of my row counter, so I'm not losing my place like I was in the beginning. Only problem is that I have a slightly harder time figuring out how much further to go...I'm on approximately row 80 of the approximately 130 rows of the shell.

My cats knocked over my spinning CD tower that my computer CDs live in and the tower didn't survive. I culled my CDs and moved the ones I want to keep to a medium-sized 3 drawer steralite cart. This (barely) holds my CDs. It doesn't hold all the now empty cases (~60). Any elegant, cat-resistant (as I've yet to find anything cat proof) solutions for the cases? A big pile in the center of the floor just doesn't really seem practical.

The weather's been so nice recently. Yesterday we were in the upper 70s and very low 80s. Wizo was dying to go outside, but I had too much to do and I couldn't supervise him out there so he had to stay in. Spook and Boo wanted out as well. Boo's never been outside (her leash training came in the vet's office), and Spook's neck is still kind of raw and the fur hasn't yet grown back, so I'm leary of putting his collar back on. I may put his harness on sometime this weekend and see if it hits his injury. If not, I may take the cats out on the weekend.
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