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Nautie Progress and Notes

I joined the Nautie KAL last night. the designer posted an error in the pattern (for the face). I'm only on row 40 of the shell, so that error isn't affecting me yet. I was right about getting over the hard part. Now that I'm up to 13 stitches on the needles, it is easier to hold and easier to stuff (I'm no longer using the eye end of a plastic yarn needle or the butt ends of B and C crochet hooks to do basic stuffing. They're just being used now to fine tune the shaping of the stuffing.). Part of line 10 or 13 probably needs to say "Redistribute stitches across needles", as you are always doing the increase on needle one. I've mentally broken the pattern down into groups of three repeats. On the second repeat of the group, I move a stitch from needle 1 to needle 2. On the third repeat of the group, I move a stitch from needle 1 to needle 2, and a stitch from needle 2 to needle 3. I have the general shell pattern memorized now and things are moving fairly quickly. I think this pattern, though, gets a prize for number of tools and supplies used: 4 size 1 DPNs, plastic yarn needle, size B crochet hook, size C crochet hook, dowels in a couple of sizes, row counter (this probably wouldn't be as critical on the striped version, but I kept losing my place on this one), stuffing and yarn. And that's not counting the larger DPNs and yarn from the early failures.

I'll post a picture after class tonight.
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