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This is just not my day

It has been raining all day. I know that there is a really small leak where the roof over my front porch the wall. Water comes in there. That one is noticeablein small rainstorms. But apparently there are three other leaks.

The first is right by the vent in my bathroom ceiling. (This one may be the exhaust fan isn't hooked up right.) Lucky for me, the exhaust fan is right over the toilet, so the dripping water is simply going in the toilet. I need to get in the attic to look at it. But I can't get into the attic without help.

The second is harder to pin down. There is a lot of water on my laundry room floor. It doesn't seem to be coming from the pipe going out the wall to the garden faucet (which I know lets in water if the hose back-sprays). Rather it is coming from the ceiling of the laundry room right by the garage. The laundry room is in the basement of my split-level which puts the garage floor near but not at the ceiling of the laundry room. My only guess is that the leak is either in the roof and it is coming down between the wall or the gutter that ends at the wall above the garage is leaking into the house. There is only a little water (and not by any exterior walls) in the garage near where the laundry room is leaking. The water is not coming in the garage. Either way, ick.

A third area of concern is another wet spot in my laundry room ceiling. It is right under the kitchen. The spot is about a foot from the exterior wall. I've checked the kitchen. The leak is half under the sink cabinet and half under the dishwasher. The leak is dripping pretty quick. However, I not got a clue where the water is coming from. The pipes under the dishwasher are not leaking and the cabinet under the sink is dry, but beneath the cabinet floor where I can't access is wet. I'm totally stumped.

The roofers that have been recommended to me can't get out until Monday. (And there are a lot of bad/unlicensed roofers in my area.) Sa will stop by after work to help me come up with emergency measures.

I don't have the money for this!
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