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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again

That was my mantra for tonight. I cast on for Nautie tonight and began trying it as written with a striped shell and in worsted weight yarn. I kept dropping my needles and I couldn't get decent the alternating yarns. So I ripped that one out and just tried for a solid shell. Still had problems with it - tension-wise and losing my place-wise. So, then I cast on with a handpainted fingering weight yarn.

Yes, I know I said shoot me if I did any more mini-stuffed animals, but I must have gotten used to tiny needles as I got much further with the fingering weight yarn than I did with the other tries. I actually had something to stuff by row 3, whereas with the other tries I really couldn't stuff anything until row 9 or 10, it just didn't form right. I'm now up to row 25 (out of about 130 for the shell) and am liking how it is coming out. I think I'll be past the hard part soon - no matter what the yarn size, the hard part will be the first couple of coils as there isn't much to hold on to and so few stitches actually on the DPNs, that there is little control. The yarn is Christy's Crazy Monkey Yarn again. (And here I had been trying to figure out what to do with it - thinking that solid colors are best for stuffed toys. I was wrong.)

I've school tomorrow night, so I don't know if I'll finish Nautie before the weekend, but I'll let you know. After I figure this one out, I hope I'll have the basics down, so that I can attempt a larger or striped version.
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