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A down day

The weather's taking an icky turn for a day or so and the sudden weather shift is making me aware that I may have the beginnings of arthritis in my knees. It's not too bad, but they are definitely stiff. Hopefully they are okay during the summer, and I don't have to talk to a doctor about them. I'm fairly sure she would say take an OTC drug, but since they are likely in pill form, I'll have to pass.

Sa had to take her son, Z, to the ER last night - he had a temperature of 104ish. He was diagnosed with strep throat. Apparently there was an outbreak of it at the daycare, but the daycare didn't choose to inform the parents. Yet another in a line of issues. This daycare in the past few weeks also decided to call social services because the boys didn't have a bath one day and came to day care dirty. (Not that dirty, I see them all the time, and unless they've been eating candy or something messy, they are generally clean. They may have refused to take a bath or overslept that day.) They also denied doing so, until Sa told them the name of the person who called. Finally, they give the older boy food that they have been repeatedly told he is allergic to. (There have been other issues, but not as severe.) Sa is looking for a new daycare.

I have a headache due to the weather shift, so am a bit fuzzy today, but at least I'm not as ill as Z.

Ooh, it looks like work is coming across my desk. Time to go.
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