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One thing off, two things on

After finishing the sock last night, I cast on for the second sock. There will be some slight differences in the striping of the yarn, simply due to the fact that there isn't enough yarn in a single skein to line the colors up (and who knows what differences will be inside the skein). The only modification I made to the first sock was on the toe and I wrote those modifications down so that I can get two matching socks. The more that I work on socks, the more that I like them. The part that I hate is picking up stitches, but I think that is due to inexperience. When I first learned how to pick up stitches (on my Mini-mini Danica), I used a crochet hook to pick up the stitches and managed to add an extra row, all at the same time. I still used a crochet hook on my training sock and the first of my Olympic Socks. On my second Olympic sock, I was able to use an extra DPN to pick up stitches, and barely used the crochet hook. Finally, on this sock, I just needed the extra DPN. I definitely feel like I am making progress. I'm thinking I might start keeping a sock around to work on, especially with school starting up again on Monday. (Next sock pair will be made out of some Crazy Monkey Creations yarn.)

I also cast on for Catherine (from The Knitted Teddy Bear. I would like to finish Catherine by the end of June, so that my mom can have her for her birthday, but I think realistically, Christmas would be a better estimate. During school, I just don't have the time to knit unless I'm at knitting group, and something that requires meticulous row-counting and shaping isn't going to come out well when I'm distracted at chattering at knit group. Catherine is supposed to be around 21 inches tall when completed, so she'll dwarf George and Oliver. Actually, her size will make thread-jointing her impractical and I'll need to use safety joints instead. If I can get my butt into gear and get my fabric bear done, I should be able to practice on that. I got KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Maple Syrup for the body of the bear and quite like the color.

I wound a bit of yarn at the end of last week and put it back in the yarn basket. The cats seem to have learned to leave it alone. However, my niece is another story. She discovered how a center pull ball works and managed to pull out several yarns from various balls. At least she used widely different colors, I was able to undo the resultant knot quite easily and no damage was done. My mom says that I should stick the yarn in something that closes and I said that my brother should watch what his daughter is getting into. What I really want for my living room is a padded storage bench. The yarn could go in the bench and I could put the bench under the window and the cats could look out the window. Now, just to find one.
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